Specializing in the Structural Remedial And Alteration Design

Who says that once the building is made, there are no other changes required? At least not us, because we know that things only last if we take care of them. 

Therefore, we strive to ensure that all our clients gain value in preserving their assets and pride ourselves on adding additional value to the property at the same time. Our Structural experts can advise on additions, staged expansion, and growth planning for future works if you’ve outgrown your facilities.

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    Feel free and give us a call for structural modification/alteration, water ingress, concrete spalling, remedial building services, colored render. Other than all this, if you have a balcony, know that you must be sure of the balcony safety regulations, and if you are not, then we are here for you. 

    Omega Project Services is one of the Sydney remedial builders who ensures that your building is appropriately secure. Trust us for the remedial construction, forget about concrete cancer, and affect you because we will not let this happen.