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    We always aim to ensure clients’ needs are met effectively and economical. We promise our clients to always provide the highest quality of service to ensure that a strong relationship is built.

    We provide the customized solutions based on our clients’ needs in a timely manner. We coordinate with clients during the full design process to tailor our design to deliver cost-effective solutions.

    We guarantee that the best customer service is always provided. All decisions are made through engineering expertise by keeping in view the cost effectiveness and project execution time.

    Structural Engineers in Adelaide

    Omega Project Services Is an Experienced, Innovative, And Proactive Structural, Civil, And Stormwater Engineering Consultant

    Omega Project Services is a boutique consultancy that has professional experience of more than 35 years in the field of Structural, Civil, and Stormwater Engineering. We are specialized in a range of engineering services from building structural design, extension & alteration to residential, townhouses, commercial and industrial building structures. We also provide civil and storm-water drainage design services for a wide range of development.

    This philosophical and practical commitment allows us to deliver effective outcomes by offering a comprehensive range of professionally qualified, technically sound structural engineering services. This includes inspections, reports, expert witnesses, concept development, detailed design and documentation, site supervision, and value-added reviews.

    Our Services

    We care for our clients to reveal the most cost-effective and buildable solutions that timely deliver the project

    Omega Project Services leads the way in delivering dynamic, creative and cost-effective solutions. To serve our clients, we utilize the latest technology and employ the best talent we can find. Our technologically advanced approach helps us to stay ahead of our competition and provides our clients with the best possible solutions at the best price.

    Our structural team offers extensive experience in designing structures of steel, reinforced concrete, timber and other less common materials.

    We offer engineering and environmental services to support full project delivery.

    We at OPS provide professional structural consulting and certification services.

    We strive to ensure that all our clients gain value in preserving their own assets and pride ourselves on adding additional value

    Our investigative experts are full capable to assess the structural adequacy of existing structural health

    Our team synergizes both digital and construction engineering to bring the building process to life.

    Let's start talking about your project today.

    What Our Client Says

    • We've worked with Omega Project Services on a number of residential construction projects. Sal has proven himself to be efficient and responsive to questions, comments and amendments by ourselves or our builders.

      Client Image
      • Amrish Maharaj
    • Great service and could immediately tell Sal was very knowledgeable in his field. Drawings were provided very quickly after providing sound advice for our project. Would be very happy to engage them again in the future.

      Client Image
      • Liam Robertson
    • Could not recommend sal enough. Was a pleasure dealing with him he was the best part of our building process! Wish all of the trades we got could of been like him. Within minutes of posting a add on hipages we got a phone call. Plans were very prompt and changes made within an hour.

      Client Image
      • Sasha
    • Sal was awesome, would recommend to anyone, really prompt service, very professional

      Client Image
      • Troy Mathwin
    • I have had the pleasure of getting engineering work done by Omega Project Services on several occasions, and it has been a very professional experience every time. Sal and his team always do a great job and I recommend them for your next project!

      Client Image
      • Emmanuel Konyeshi
    • BRILLIANT SERVICE, Sal provided prompt, practical and professional advice and followed promptly with excellent, comprehensive drawings. Would recommend

      Client Image
      • Peter Carlton

    Few of Our Clients

    Among many structural engineers, we are the expert Structural Engineers in Adelaide, you can consult.

    What Makes Us Claim Such A Big Statement?

    If you smell overconfidence, well, it is not; this is our clients’ confidence. The people’s trust in Omega Project Services makes us claim to be the Best Structural Engineers in Adelaide.

    What Makes Us the Best Among the Rest?

    It is the years of experience that we have gained to upgrade structural engineering. However, we never leave the theory aspect; therefore, we have a well-organized team of structural engineers who put day and night to learn about the new structural techniques and methodologies.

    Although there is a fair chance that you wouldn’t care what our engineers have learned in their degree programs but we do, because it is the essence that helps to stay connected to the roots and we are glad that we are providing our best professional services dedicatedly.

    You can contact us anytime to learn more about our services and what we’ve for Adelaide customers.

    We Solve Problems

    Structural engineers use many skills – from basic mathematical tools to physics, cutting-edge technology, and communication.

    We spend my days talking (in meetings, emails, and site visits), drawing (in pencil or on a computer), thinking, and calculating. We meet hundreds of people in our job, and need to work collaboratively with them to make a success of our project.

    Most of all structural engineers are the problem solvers in design teams, designing solutions to the challenges construction projects throw up.

    Who Do We Offer Our Services to?

    To name a few:

    • Homeowners
    • Insurance Companies
    • Architects
    • Builders
    • Government Departments
    • Building Designers
    • Developers
    • Industrialist
    • Manufacturer

    The list can go on; to cut it short, just get in contact, and we will sort it out for you.

    Among The Many Structural Engineers in Adelaide, Why Would You Choose Us?

    • Have Best Professional Experience
    • We Care About Project Delivery Date
    • We don’t Compromise in Quality Production
    • We do Detailed Project Inspection
    • Distinctive Forensic Engineering
    • We have More Professional Experience but Fewer Fees

    If you belong to Adelaide’s north or north side, you might find it hard to have hired the right Structural Engineer. Do not worry; we cover the whole of Adelaide.

    For What Else Can You Contact Us?

    • Civil/Storm Engineers Adelaide
      • Storm Drainage Design
      • On-Site Storm Water Detention
      • Flood and Catchment Study
      • Erosion & Sediment control plans
    • Structural Engineering Design Adelaide
      • Residential Building
      • Commercial Building
      • Industrial Building
      • Warehouse Structure
      • House Construction
    • Steel Structure Design Adelaide
      • Industrial Building
      • Petrol Pump Steel Structure
      • Steel Structure
      • Children Play Structure
      • Shade Support Structure
      • Mechanical Equipment Support Structures
    • Structural Remedial and Alteration Design Adelaide
      • Timber Frame Structure
      • Steel Structures
      • Reinforced Concrete
    • Structural Assessment for Solar Panels Adelaide
    • Site Inspections and Certifications Adelaide
    • Construction Management Services Adelaide

    Omega Project Services teams work together to deliver seamless sustainable building design, lead complex multidisciplinary projects and develop living and working spaces for whole communities.

    Are You Wondering About the Cost of Hiring a Structural Engineer in Adelaide?

    Don’t worry; this is where we put our 100% to retain our valuable clients rather than sending them away for a bit of cost factor.

    Yes, we are not at the break-even and are above, but we make sure that it is not very hard on you. Omega Project Services was created out-of-passion and love of buildings, and we do not want to put it down just because other engineering companies are making more money than us.

    But we stick to our integrity and live up to the love of walls and beautiful buildings.

    Contact us to have the correct quote and live with us as your dreams are built with the proper knowledge and compassion.

    We Are Respected Professionals

    Structural Engineering is not easy, but it rewards hard work. We are widely respected by other construction professionals for our skills, which are a vital part of unlocking the potential of a project, overcoming its challenges, and most of all, ensuring that it is safe.