structural engineer inspection
01 Feb

When one thinks of a house, one thinks of emotions like comfort, security, and most important of all, safety. For most people, a house is a one-time investment, and probably the biggest investment in their lives. When making this investment, it is important to be sure that one…

Stormwater management Plan
01 Feb

The rapid increase in urbanization over the past century has brought along with it myriad complications and challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge among those challenges faced by communities today is tackling the environmental impact of this rapid urban expansion and the complications arising from it.  One of those…

types of civil engineering
01 Feb

Engineering, everyone is familiar with it. However, very few understand what it entails. Do not feel bad if you are not one of them because I can guarantee that you must know bits. And this article is here to attach all the information in such a pattern that…

what do structural engineers do
31 Dec

Structural engineers specifically design, plan, and construct buildings. They also cater in preparing bridges too. These engineers are concerned regarding all the structure and elements of construction.  How are structural engineers related to civil engineers?  Structural engineers are very much related to civil engineers as the nature of…

stormwater management
31 Dec

What is Stormwater? 【Role】

Stormwater reduces the runoff of water or snow that gets melted on stress and lawns. When it rains stormwater gets absorbed into the soil which later gets filtered and gets aquifers in rivers. Whenever it rains heavily and the flow of rainwater is heavy it saturates the ground…

Structural Inspection
31 Dec

Structural inspection can be defined as a procedure of performing a visual inspection conducted by a structural engineer. It is done in order to confirm the strength or security of some sensitive parts of any building. Those parts include joists, foundations, trusses, beams, and many others.  In other…

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