Specializing in the Structural Assessment For Solar Roof Tiles

Our investigative experts are competent to assess the structural adequacy of existing structural health in order to set the limits for additional loadings induced due to the installation of solar panels and any other types of equipment.

Undoubtedly, solar roof tiles are in trend, and one way around them is excellent for the environment. However, it might not be suitable for the building as they are cumbersome and place the additional load on the roof. 

solar roof tiles

Solar roof tiles Australia uses are different from each other, and so are the buildings. It is when we step in and guide you on which one will be most suited for you concerning the building. 

Our inspection team and structural engineers will assess the condition of the building and give you a proper evaluation. Nonetheless, it is great to have a solar panel roof only when the beneath supporting structure is strong enough to take the additional loadings. We also offer project management services.

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